The actual floor may look slightly different from photo representations. Requesting samples will allow you to test the floor in your home’s lighting conditions. Wood is a natural product so the graining, shading, and overall appearance of your installation may vary from photos and samples. We always recommend seeing the floor in person at one of our retail stores or showroom before making a final decision. Please contact us to find a retailer near you. Our showroom is located in Exton, PA.


Brazilian Oak Fast Facts

  • Brazilian Oak looks similar to North American Red Oak, but is 13% harder, meaning greater resistance against damage.

  • Tauari and Amendoim exotic hardwoods are both named Brazilian Oak, but they’re not the same species.

  • Brazilian Oak is harder than European White Oak and is more unique because it’s less common.


Interior Design Ideas for Brazilian Oak Floors

Colors That Compliment Brazilian Oak Grey Hardwood Flooring

When Brazilian Oak is stained grey, it takes a blue undertone. The light grey color allows the room to look airy and spacious. Choose a beige-based white paint for the walls and cerulean or teal upholstery to continue the cool theme. Since yellow and gold are direct compliments to blue, adding fabrics and accents with these colors will bring warmth to the space. Copper metal elements will enhance the floor’s pink undertone while providing contrast and luster. Area rugs and floor coverings that use dark brown and neutral colors will pull the room together and create a cozy space. Pair Brazilian Oak grey flooring with oak furniture for a natural look or throw in some modern pieces.

Make an Organic Room “Pop” with Dark Brazilian Oak Floors

Create an organic room that pops by pairing the rich earthly color of Brazilian Oak - Java with bright-hued greens and crisp whites. Start by painting the walls white and add a big splash of bright green on an accent wall. Continue to enhance the organic vibe by selecting natural oak woods, rattan, hemp, or bamboo elements. Use white fabrics and upholstery made from natural fibers like cotton or linen. Match the color of the accent wall to a throw rug and a few small items throughout the room. Leave the majority of the room white with pops of bright green every now and then. Go with satin nickle metals for a modern touch. Mix and match green leafy plants with white flowers to keep the theme going.

Using Brazilian Oak Flooring in Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian design is known for beautiful layered spaces, minimalist color palettes, cozy accents, and striking modern furniture. Many Scandinavian interiors use grey-toned, black, white, or dark furniture with blonde wood floors. Brazilian Oak flooring in its natural color can bring warmth to a room and help achieve the desired high-contrast look of Scandinavian style. Soften the space with sheepskins, wool, or mohair instead of carpet. Maximize natural light by painting the walls bright white and use sheer or translucent window treatments. Select furniture with clean lines and minimal detailing. Keep accents simple and always consider their function. A few green house plants can add life to the space without ruining the color scheme.

Achieve an All-White Interior with Brazilian Oak Floors

Texture is the key to creating a warm, inviting all-white interior. Mix and match textures while allowing color to slip into the design naturally. Brazilian Oak - Nordic has subtle variations that look beautiful in all-white rooms. Putting a white finish on Brazilian Oak brings out its natural blue and pink undertones. Start by painting the walls a cool shade of white that has either a blue or grey base. Select various types of furniture made from whitewashed rustic wood, white-painted wood, natural reclaimed wood, or rattan to keep the design from falling flat. Use brass metal elements and stick to linen or off-white cotton upholstery. Fabrics with distinctive patterns, even in just white, will add visual interest. Give the room a pop of color every now and then with golden accents, potted plants, or black and white photography.