The actual floor may look slightly different from photo representations. Requesting samples will allow you to test the floor in your home’s lighting conditions. Wood is a natural product so the graining, shading, and overall appearance of your installation may vary from photos and samples. We always recommend seeing the floor in person at one of our retail stores or showroom before making a final decision. Please contact us to find a retailer near you. Our showroom is located in Exton, PA.


Brazilian Cherry Fast Facts

  • Brazilian Cherry is much more durable than American Cherry. The Janka hardness test puts American Cherry at 995 while Brazilian Cherry rates 2690, meaning American Cherry is much more prone to denting and scratches from everyday use.

  • The Brazilian Cherry tree is not a cherry tree at all. It’s actually a legume, or a member of the pea family. It’s called a cherry tree because of its red color.

  • Besides flooring, Brazilian Cherry wood is used to make furniture, cabinetry, tool handles, shipbuilding, railroad ties, turned objects, and other small specialty items.


Interior Design Ideas for Brazilian Cherry Floors

Six Tips for Designing a Traditional Living Room with Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Brazilian Cherry wood flooring creates a rich foundation for a living room of traditional style. The natural red color automatically makes this floor a great choice for a warm elegant living room, but what about a cool, casual interior with an antique flare? Brazilian Cherry is ideal for that too. Learn six design tips for decorating a living room with Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry can be found in almost all elements of traditional interior design. From the geometric patterns on the upholstery, to the layout of the room, maintaining balance is key. The Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor is the base that will bring a room together, so start layering from the floor up. Place a Persian rug in in front of the fireplace and use it as a tool to create symmetry. Distribute loveseats, sofas, and chairs around the rug in a way that furniture of equal sizes are opposite to each other. This will balance out the furniture and maintain the room’s symmetry. While a room doesn’t need to be perfectly symmetrical, the layout should be well-balanced.

Be Sophisticated

When it comes to exposed metals and wood flooring, the type of finish used to coat them can be the difference between classic elegance and something dated. For a traditional look, choose Brazilian Cherry wood flooring that has a smooth surface and a glossy sheen. Avoid metal elements made from polished brass and chrome since that will disrupt the style. Instead, use muted metals like oil rubbed bronze, tarnished silver, or iron.

Embrace Antiques

Most stains of Brazilian Cherry maintain the hardwood’s natural red hue, so mixing current traditional furnishings with antique wood pieces in mahogany or cherry will give the room a warm, formal feel. Antique furniture using oak or pine blend better with a blue and white color scheme, but those lighter woods could make the room more casual. Traditional style often features detailed millwork and hand-carved wood furniture in exquisite geometric patterns. Enhance a classic traditional atmosphere with Chinoiserie antiques, porcelain lamps, and floral upholstery.

Stay Relaxed

Traditional rooms have a reputation for being calm and relaxing. Make the living room an aura of relaxation by using furniture with curved edges and soft details. Plush seating, like traditional roll arm sofas loaded up with throw pillows, can be formal and comfortable at the same time. Use luxurious fabrics in neutral or muted colors like burgundy red, navy blue, sage green, white, taupe, or beige. These colors are often woven into Persian rugs, so match it to the Brazilian Cherry wood floor, and work within the rug’s color palette. Stay relaxed, but have fun, and don’t be afraid of drama, bold patterns, or rich colors.

Add Detail

Embellishments add just the right amount of ornamentation when used in moderation, so don’t forget the twirly fringe at the bottom of the armchairs. With classic traditional style, ceiling-to-floor window treatments can have ruffles, be pleated, use a tieback, or be mounted with a valance—just pick and choose. For a sleeker look, omit the pleats and frills. Add a modern piece of furniture or two to pull the room into the present.

Minimize Technology

It’s difficult to incorporate technology into traditional living rooms, but one trick is to hide the screens in plain sight. Some designers choose to mount the television over the fireplace so it’s not the focal point of the room. Another option is to get a wooden entertainment center with doors so the TV can be “put away” when it’s not in use. Built-in bookcases are also ideal storage solutions for housing technology.