Brazilian Teak - Natural

Select natural elegance with the original Brazilian Teak, our most popular floor. This style has a clear finished with a smooth surface.

Brazilian Teak - Natural Flooring Specifications

  • 100% Solid Cumaru Hardwood

  • Factory-Finished with Smooth Surface

  • 35% Glossy Sheen / Custom Color Options

  • 8 Coats of Aluminum Oxide & UV Protection

  • Tongue & Groove Planks with Micro Bevel Edge

  • 3/4” Thick, 1’-6’ Lengths, and Widths available in 3-3/4” and 5”

  • Nail Down Installation

  • Janka Hardness: 3540

The actual floor may look slightly different from photo representations. Requesting samples will allow you to test the floor in your home’s lighting conditions. Wood is a natural product so the graining, shading, and overall appearance of your installation may vary from photos and samples. We always recommend seeing the floor in person at one of our retail stores or showroom before making a final decision. Please contact us to find a retailer near you. Our showroom is located in Exton, PA.


Brazilian Teak Fast Facts

  • The term “wire-brushed” describes a finishing process where wood planks are scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush to make the surface look distressed, rustic, or weathered. This process removes the plank’s soft grain leaving the hardwood at the top.

  • Brazilian Teak hardwood is so dense that is does not float in water. Its ability to resist fungi, insects, and marine bores makes it suitable for marine construction. This wood is also used to make bridges, hydraulic works, heavy construction, heavy carpentry, turnery, decorative veneer, and gearing.

Interior Design Ideas for Brazilian Teak Floors

Rustic Interior Design Ideas for Brazilian Teak Wire-Brushed Wood Floors

Rustic Modern with Brazilian Teak - Java Flooring

Get inspired by the American-west, preserve history, and connect to the outdoors with a rustic modern interior design. Since this simple style utilizes warm colors, organic materials, and rough woods, our wire-brushed Brazilian Teak wood flooring will enhance the rustic vibe. The Java color is the perfect match for golden yellows, faded turquoise, and rusted-reds, as well as natural shades of brown. Pair this floor with distressed metals, like wrought iron, and reclaimed wood furniture. Natural fibers that have an organic texture like burlap, leather, linen, cotton, and wool work well here. Decorate the room with antlers, pottery, and furs, if desired, but use minimal ornamentation.

Industrial “Warehouse Look” with Brazilian Teak - Millwood Flooring

Don’t cover up exposed pipes, ducts, and brick walls in an unfinished room. Instead, create an industrial-style interior that utilizes the home’s mechanical features. Since this utilitarian style showcases an abundance of metal and wood surfaces, wire-brushed Brazilian Teak flooring feels right at home. While the wire-brushing process gives this hardwood floor a raw appearance, the earthy Millwood color compliments steel-grey and neutral tones. Decorate the room with vintage furniture, salvage, and recycled materials. Opt for leather seating or upholstery made from natural fibers in neutral colors like beige or dark green to soften the look. Industrial style is all about being inventive without too much fuss.