Brazilian Teak

Admire the character of Brazilian Teak wood floors with authentic knots, graining and shades. The wire-brushed surface conceals daily wear which is excellent for high-traffic areas. This collection is truly unique for its rustic charm and its ability to withstand dents and scratches. As one of the hardest woods in flooring, Brazilian Teak is great for commercial applications and residential homes with children and pets. Besides being a highly durable hardwood floor, Brazilian Teak’s natural weathering properties make it resistant to rot and decay, which is why it’s also used in outdoor decking. Our 100% sustainable hardwood Brazilian Teak floor is available in many vintage colors.



Peruvian Pecan

Explore nature’s color palette in high-definition with Peruvian Pecan hardwood floors. The wood’s natural color presents earthy shades of green, yellow, orange, red, and light brown in a bold design. Like paint strokes on a canvas, Peruvian Pecan wood has a fine texture with a broad grain structure, which gives it that singular look. The light and dark walnut finishes compliment the wood's natural artistry with pure extraordinary detail. This exotic hardwood’s unique character makes beautiful furniture and durable floors. Our 100% sustainable hardwood Peruvian Pecan floor is available in three artisan colors.

Peruvian Teak

Peruvian Teak wood floors have a natural shimmer with exquisite patterns and distinct color variations. The complexity of the wood’s multi-layer design is pronounced. A background of rich reddish-brown heartwood forms streaks across the grayish-pink sapwood in fine lines, while thick bands of wavy rings take the forefront. This unique design is peppered with knots and many other naturally-occurring imperfections that gives every piece character. While the exclusive style of Peruvian Teak is the latest trend in flooring, the wood's natural resistance to dents, scratches, and wear will keep this floor lasting for years. Our 100% sustainable hardwood Peruvian Teak floor is available in many artisan colors.

Brazilian Oak

No matter the color, Brazilian Oak wears it well. As the most versatile exotic wood in flooring, it looks alluring in dark, grey, and white finishes. The grain has an even, linear aesthetic that is refined, but welcoming. Since Brazilian Oak has less variation in color, and fewer knots and rings than other floors, this hardwood has a smooth, calm appearance with a moderate luster. The wood's high durability and natural resistance to decay, insects, and moisture makes for a longer lasting floor. Brazilian Oak flooring is excellent for residential and commercial applications because it stands up well to everyday traffic. Our 100% sustainable hardwood Brazilian Oak floor is available in many artisan colors.