The actual floor may look slightly different from photo representations. Requesting samples will allow you to test the floor in your home’s lighting conditions. Wood is a natural product so the graining, shading, and overall appearance of your installation may vary from photos and samples. We always recommend seeing the floor in person at one of our retail stores or showroom before making a final decision. Please contact us to find a retailer near you. Our showroom is located in Exton, PA.


Interior Design Ideas for Peruvian Teak Floors

Modern Tribal Decor with Peruvian Teak Flooring

When designing a modern tribal interior that uses a monochromatic color scheme, Peruvian Teak flooring takes an unusual approach to white. The light grey color of Peruvian Teak - Inca lends itself well to modern black-and-white style, but since the wood’s pink undertone adds warmth, this floor looks best with neutral off-whites like bone. Apply off-white to the design through artifacts, geometric tribal rugs, upholstery, and natural fibers. Black-painted rattan can give tribal elements a modern twist so balance it with natural wicker. Mix simple wood furniture with sleek black metal—like a tree trunk table that has black metal legs. Don’t be afraid to showoff technology or modern art with pottery, woven baskets, and green plants.

Peruvian Teak Floors in Eggplant & Grey Luxury Interiors

Royal aubergine, or eggplant, meets modern grey in a glamours interior with wood floors. The dark grey Amazon finish gives Peruvian Teak hardwood a vibrant undertone which compliments the eggplant color. While this shade of purple has represented wealth and nobility in the past, a monochromatic color scheme will keep this design in the present. Alternate eggplant-painted walls with lustrous grey-and-white wallpaper in a trellis pattern. Continue the theme with shiny silver metals, delicate crystal, glass, white-painted woods and marbled surfaces. If possible, use marble (or get the look of marble) for the fireplace, kitchen, and bathrooms. Crystal chandelier lighting and glass tabletops with silver metal frames will add the the finesse. Pair white wood furniture with plush seating made from tufted upholstery.

Venetian-Inspired Spaces with Peruvian Teak Floors

Create the romantic charm of Venice through a design that has both history and traditional elegance. Dark hardwood floors like Peruvian Teak - Andes creates the perfect backdrop for a grand interior with rich, warm colors. Exaggerate the height of the room by painting the walls with vertical stripes in beige and tan, or use wallpaper to create the same effect. For a classic Venetian vibe, select fabrics and upholstery with damask patterns in burgundy, red, beige, and gold. Use chandelier lighting and ceiling-to-floor drapes or curtains. Choose wood furniture that’s a few shades lighter than the floor and has hand-carved floral detailing. Add antique accents like tarnished metal elements, porcelain decor, and Venetian paintings.

Peruvian Teak Floors in a Mid-Century Modern Design

Looking for a functional interior with timeless quality and minimal fuss? Search no further because Mid-Century Modern design meets all three requirements. Start with Peruvian Teak - Lima hardwood floors and butter yellow paint for the walls. Contrast that sunshine warmth with olive green and various shades of grey. Compliment the yellow in the room with gold, tan, and other neutral colors. Mid-Century Modern design is all about sleek shapes, clean lines, gentle curves, and retro patterns. Incorporate those elements through various materials like fabric, leather, chrome, stainless-steel, plastic, and glass. Add authenticity with vintage furniture and keep ornamentation light. Asymmetrical mirrors and sunburst wall clocks are functional decorations that’s specific to Mid-Century modern style.